Budget Travel Options – Alternative Ways To Get There Revealed by Tommy Middaugh Travel To Go


Tommy  Middaugh offers tip for saving money on travel.

Save money on transportation on your next trip.

When it comes to traveling, Tommy Middaugh Travel To Go Vice President knows that people automatically assume that the only way that they can traverse great distances is through the use of airplanes. While that’s a good thing to move forward with, it’s not the only option that you can find yourself checking out. If you want to take a shorter trip, or perhaps one that is budget friendly and still exciting, you’ll want to look at alternative means of transportation. Whether you’re going to another state or you’re going cross country, getting to destinations can be manageable through alternatives.

  1. Cruises: There are a lot of different types of cruises that you can explore. Whether you want to go on an adult’s only trip, or you want to share with your family, friends, children, and more, there’s options that abound in a variety of venues. You can go international, or you could simply cruise the United States. Whatever you want out of your vacation, you very well may find that a cruise can help you get there.
  2. Bus Trips: If you’re not going to go very far, and you have time, take a bus trip. You’ll find that there are a lot of low cost bus options and some of them will even have a full tour guide. Luxury bus liners today are not like the public transportation that you may see around town. Some of these larger fleets have leather seats, individual television monitors, and so much more. Tommy Middaugh of Travel To Go knows that if you pick the right bus, you will be going to your destination in luxury.
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Tommy Middaugh Travel To Go Offers Details on Upcoming Kern Rivers Rock N Blues Fest

Tommy Middaugh Travel To Go shares that the much anticipated Kern Rivers Rock N Blues Fest is rapidly approaching. This festival will be coming to Kernville, California from September 25th to the 28th. Because of the huge success and large crowds that appeared at the festival last year, there has been a fourth day added to the event. Approximately 3,000 people were in attendance last year, with even more anticipated this year.

Those who attend the event are sure to have a terrific time with unforgettable music in the backdrops of the Central California Mountains. Twelve of the most notable musicians and bands in the blues industry will be making an appearance at the festival, as well as after the event at the various bars and venues in the town. Some of these artists include Jade Bennett and the Boom Booms, Jon English and English Revolver, Smith & Jones, and Diver Down. Popular events that will go along with the festival include the Travel To Go VIP Party and the Acoustic Campfire Jam.

Tommy Middaugh Travel To Go says that not only is the event perfect for fans of blues music, but is also a great way to give back to the community. Travel To Go will be a sponsor for the third year for the event. The Kern Rivers Rock N Blues Fest will also be raising money to the construction of the Bakersfield National Cemetery. This cemetery will be used to remember, honor, and lay to rest the veterans of our great country.

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Tricks to Planning Destination Weddings from Tommy Middaugh Travel To Go Executive

If you are getting married soon, one option that is growing more and more popular for couple on their big days is having destination wedding. Tommy Middaugh Travel To Go believes that destination weddings are a fun choice because they capture the magic of a wedding in an equally magical destination. If you believe that a destination wedding is going to be a good choice for you when you get married, consider some of the following tips to help you make planning your perfect day a little bit easier.

  • Cut the guest list: Tommy Middaugh Travel To Go knows that typical weddings can see a quickly expanding guest lists. People that were your friends in high school, family members that you have not seen in years, and people that only your parents know closely all seem to have made it to your guest list. If you are planning a destination wedding, it is better to cut your list down to only those that are very close to you such as your immediate family and best friends. Destination weddings are lovely intimate affairs, and you do not want to alter the atmosphere with crowds of people.
  • Plan early: If you want to have a wedding anywhere that is not your hometown, make sure that you get an early start on the planning. You and your guests are all going to have to make travel plans, and you want to give everyone plenty of time to do so. Make sure that you have made your decisions early and that you get out your invites and save the dates with plenty of time to spare.
  • Pick the perfect place: For many people the site of their destination wedding is also the place where they will have their honeymoon. If this is your plan make sure that you have picked a place that you and your new spouse will love. Picking the perfect place will let you enjoy your entire trip and have the most magical time possible.
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Tommy Middaugh Travel To Go Reviews Top Tokyo Attractions

Tommy Middaugh, a leading travel consultant with Travel To Go, knows that each year, vacationers from all around the globe are looking for a destination that offers both excitement and enjoyment for travelers of all ages that is also affordable. Every year, millions of people head to Japan’s capital to spend time learning more about the culture and history of the nation without breaking the bank.

While tourism is a major source of income for the city, Tommy Middaugh Travel To Go knows that doesn’t have to mean your trip will be expensive. In fact, this vacation destination is certainly that one that offers a lot affordable varieties of entertainment. In fact, some of the best things to do in the city are free. A tour around the famous Tsukiji Fish Market or a trip to Yoyogi Park are both activities things that don’t charge admission fees. For more information about some of the exciting activities Japan offers travelers, please continue reading at: http://www.digitaljournal.com/pr/1840739

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Tommy Middaugh Travel To Go Executive Shares Most Inexpensive European Vacations for 2014

Tommy Middaugh Travel To Go knows that one of the most important things about any vacation in the amount of money it takes to go on a trip. For all those planning their next vacation, there are accommodation, activities, dining and more to consider while trying to figure out how much to set aside. Often, one of the top requests of travelers is to find ways to save money. Vacations can often be a costly expense and without the proper planning, it’s true that extra costs seem to pop up.

Tommy Middaugh knows that the best way to avoid this is by selecting vacation destinations that are more affordable. There are some places in Europe that are known for being less expensive but never short on fun. Vacationers will surely enjoy their experience visiting London, Denmark or Germany this summer. For more information about budget-friendly activities and other things to do while abroad, continue reading on the subject at: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/tommy-middaugh-travel-to-go-executive-reveals-top-budget-friendly-european-attractions-for-2014-254348511.html

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